Baëlf Design: Architectural Approaches in Fashion Design

In our talk “Architectural Approaches in Fashion Design”, Baëlf Design will be focusing on their experience working with new paradigms of digital tools in their practice.

Within an infinite solution space of creative ideas, it is an immense task for the designer to pick the optimal solution within realistic project constraints. How can computational design tools (such as parametric modelling, machine learning and AI optimisation) which have been traditionally the mainstay of architectural practice, be used in the new context of fashion design, where we treat the human body not as a canvas, but as a topological landscape to build upon, or as a structure on which we lay our façade? How does a designer’s role and expectations evolve in this new age of tectonic dominance?

Initial context of this session will be established with an overview of our past projects and processes, which will be followed by showcases of how the adoption of new techniques propelled the evolution of our work and the definition of a new fashion aesthetic. At the conclusion of the session we hope participants will depart with a deeper understanding of how the leverage offered by computational design tools from the architectural domain can spur fresh new perspectives and instigate the development of a whole new branch of fashion design approaches.

This event is part of Archifest 2020.
Sun Oct 18, 2020
3:30 PM - 5:30 PM SGT
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